3 Month Update

How long has it been?

It is officially nearing the end of July 2017, meaning it has been almost three whole months since I started this diet. To be completely honest, when I first started this diet, I was both positive yet at the same time conflicted about the difficulty of maintaining my new dietary lifestyle.


I started off being 61-62kg. I wasn’t overweight, but I was definitely not the skinniest kid from the block. Now after three months of hard work and dedication, I have lost a total of 8 kilos and am now 54kg. I have also dropped a few inches from my waist; from a 26-27 inch to a 24.5 inch (my high-waisted clothes are literally dropping down to my hips TT).


Actually if you take a look a the posted timeline, you would see a phase where I briefly stopped my diet and maintained my weight at 56kg. I later gained back two pounds and rose back up to 57kg in the following two weeks. Originally when I had hit 56kg, I was just so tired of this diet that I convinced myself that losing 6kg was good enough and I stopped. It was only after a two week vacation overseas that I realised I had gained back up to 57kg. Obviously devastated, I began dieting again until where I am now at 54kg. Honestly speaking, I think the hardest obstacle I faced was my family. My parents are big eaters and my dad is literally obsessed with eating out (especially the good stuff). So while my family would stuff themselves with pizzas and ice-cream, I would have to sit across watching, sadly munching on my salad. The worst bits of this, I think, is how frustrated I would be at my parents inconsiderate dining choices, especially when they know how serious I’ve been taking this diet. In fact, I feel as if whenever I was forced to head out to eat, I was always in a bad mood, since I had so many limitations.

Have I learnt anything?

Yes! Most definitely yes. I feel as if this diet really helped me realise that numbers aren’t such a big thing. Sounds cheesy, I know, but looking back I realised that even though I had convinced myself that I wasn’t concerned with the numbers, I most definitely was (at least at the very beginning).

I’ve also learnt to cook a lot more. I’ve got hundreds of alternate recipes for foods to make sure my calories intakes were lower, but I would still get to enjoy foods that you wouldn’t normally think you could eat on a diet. For example, pancakes, fried rice! Or banana bread! It’s amazing what you could come up with when you’re desperate for junk.

Future Plans?

I’m not aiming to loose anymore weight, in fact, I’m quite happy to just maintain my current weight. Being at 166cm, I realised that my original goal of 52-53kg was just borderline being underweight (which really wasn’t what I was aiming for, but I was desperate and wanted to be skinny). I think keeping it at a balance between 54-55kg is probably what’s best for myself.



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